May 28, 2011

Motion Movies

So, here are a few of my animated short films, i did during my previous year of MFA. We were suppose to submit a total of 5 short films of 1-5 minute duration including the credits.

First one is a stop motion clay animation film 'Inchoate Life'. Here is a promotional poster of my film...

Just like That

Something was running in my head. I was thinking about a concept on the playing card designs. The very famous bond movie, Casino royal, possess a brilliant motion graphics based upon these cards. I just love that sequence.
I hope you all loved that sequence, and very well remember that...

Actually this is a very nice inspiration if we think more deep into that. For the time being..i haven't able to crack it but still i'v done something with my own picture. Have a look at this....
I call it "Kueen of Hearts"..coz K iz my initial letter!!

Closer Look

Here is a closer look of my work I displayed at my college's 58th annual exhibition..

Psychedelic Abstracts..

 Few perceptions..

 Some Scenic photography..

 A few Portraits..


During the Year 2010

Finally I got admission I was trying for with the help of the portfolio...below..!!
So, few days back we had our 58th annual exhibition at our campus. Here are some of the pictures of my works at the exhibition of first year of my MASTERS.
Have a look-